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Growing hemp

2021-10-08 13:12 Published by Łukasz Plant

AND so succeeded myself almost all seeds succeeded  myself  germinate and are  already now well rooted.

This very much enjoyable time for growers hemp, minimum work, maximum fun.
It never ceases to amaze us how amazingly they develop
myself plants.

Increase soon it will gain momentum and it will even come to that 3 cm for day.
The plans will quickly turn into a hemp forest and we will set up camp on its edge to take care of everything.
Growing hemp


2021-11-30 08:44 Published by Łukasz Plant

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Plantation closure

Plantation closure

2021-10-08 13:04 Published by Łukasz Plant

This is the last stage of the plantation.

So the harvest is behind us. A harvest that was successful thanks to the collaboration of many people to whom we are immensely grateful.
Fortunately for us, the weather this year was incredibly sunny and it helped us immensely.

It literally turned out that the sun was shining until the last day of the harvest.
Immediately after that came rainy days.
Due to this moisture, we were not able to dry all the crops.
We were forced to separate some of the hemp so that only the best and healthiest plants would end up in our products.
This stage will continue for some time. We rotate the hemp daily to provide it with fresh air.
We turn the unsuitable hemp for extraction into compost to fertilize the soil.

And so soon we will close this plantation and leave with countless memories.
Our plantation this summer was supported by over 70 people. There were those who were with us most of the time, some came between the festivals.
One thing remains for sure, it was an amazing adventure in which many of us found something for ourselves.
Thank you all and see you at the next plantation.

Meanwhile, we are already taking the next stages of processing, testing and composing oils and products for you.
Stay with us, we will introduce our products soon.
Drying the hemp

Drying the hemp

2021-10-08 13:07 Published by Łukasz Plant

It might seem that it's downhill now.

However, the reality, as usual, is more ... interesting.
Due to technical problems, the harvester we ordered did not cope with the harvest.
The manufacturer came and tried with his crew to fix the problems and adjust the machine, but it failed.

In this case, there was no choice but to stand on your head and organize a new machine.
Thanks to the cooperation, another harvester came to the plantation, this time it was a harvester adapted to the harvesting of hemp.

And in this case it was not without problems, but we managed to consistently mow the next hectares.
To mow it is one thing, and to dry it is a completely different story. Dry in time, more specifically.
There is very little time between cutting and unfolding for drying, only 4 hours.
Otherwise, the hemp starts to heat up and putrefactive processes begin.

There were over 20 people at that time to be on time.
Two machines for transporting hemp around the dryer, one tractor, 4 trailers and a reaper were involved.
We worked 15 hours a day to spread the cut hemp in a drying room with a total area of 24,000 m2. square meters

It is a really big challenge that can only be met thanks to the cooperation of committed professionals and enthusiasts.


2021-10-08 13:08 Published by Łukasz Plant

Here it is harvest day.

Recently, we have tested our cannabis several times in the laboratory to determine whether it has already reached its highest concentration of cannabinoids, or a few more days.
It is a real art to choose the right time for the most demanding endeavor in the entire cultivation.
For everything to be successful, cannabis must have the highest concentration of cannabinoids, and at the same time not exceed the legal limit of 0.2% THC.
We also mean harvesting flowers, so the more seeds, the less favorable. In addition, reapers that are not yet advanced enough to be ordered a few weeks in advance mow crops without technical problems and for that you need to take an amendment. And, of course, the weather, when it rains, you simply do not work because of the humidity
Moisture is enemy number one
freshly harvested hemp.
Immediately after cutting, we have about 4 hours to spread the hemp in the dryer, this is how quickly the decay processes begin.
It is an amazing time full of hope, nerves and work from dawn to dusk. For us, however, this is nothing new and after weeks of living among our cannabis, no one from the crew needs to be rushed to work.
We all want it to be the best.
Preparation for harvest

Preparation for harvest

2021-10-08 13:09 Published by Łukasz Plant

Here's what ripe cannabis looks like

Stems with half-meter-long buds that bend with the goodness contained in them.

The challenge with the vaginal cannabis, i.e. male cannabis, was just as we had anticipated, it cannot be managed.
However, this will not significantly affect the quality of the product, Futura 75 will get 2-3% CBD even without removing the so-called flatfish.

Nevertheless, we wanted to take up this challenge for a simple reason, if we can make our product better, we definitely will.
This is how we operate and we believe that our own experience is as important as listening to the wisdom of others.

When a man checks it, he knows, and we have already found out many times that certain treatments are not done because
someone just doesn't want to
We decided to make the best plantation we could
we are able to
and thanks to passion and openness and readiness to put extra effort, we will find a way to fulfill our mission with joy.
These oils will be great.
Hemp Camp

Hemp Camp

2021-10-08 13:09 Published by Łukasz Plant

A plantation in all its glory lies ahead of you

Fine, it's time to camp over the river.
From today we will be with our cannabis for 4 weeks until harvest.
This is the time when the kt will begin to be visible óre hemp is female a kt ómale re.
In the case of our cultivation, when we are going to harvest flowers, the female cannabis is what we care most about
that's why they bloom and produce these wonderful buds full of glowing cannabinoids.

We hope that there will not be too many male ones, in such a large field it is impossible to weave them all.
In addition, Futura 75 is a dioecious variety, which means that the same plant can have both male and female characteristics.
The way it works is that the male cannabis produces pollen that causes the female cannabis to stop blooming and start producing seeds.
As we care about flowers, we will try to reduce the influence of flippers, it cannot be eliminated.
Hemp forest

Hemp forest

2021-10-08 13:11 Published by Łukasz Plant

Welcome to our hemp forest!

We are so happy to see our cannabis grow.
Rate the height we wrote about 3 cm / day turned out to be the most true.
First, tools started to lose in the field, then our dogs, and now it happens that we get lost.

Observing this growth and also the thickness of the stems and the color of the leaves, we are convinced that these plants are not lacking anything.
We are looking forward to the next steps
Growing hemp

Growing hemp

2021-10-08 13:12 Published by Łukasz Plant

AND so succeeded myself almost all seeds succeeded  myself  germinate and are  already now well rooted.

This very much enjoyable time for growers hemp, minimum work, maximum fun.
It never ceases to amaze us how amazingly they develop
myself plants.

Increase soon it will gain momentum and it will even come to that 3 cm for day.
The plans will quickly turn into a hemp forest and we will set up camp on its edge to take care of everything.
We sowed the seed

We sowed the seed

2021-10-08 13:13 Published by Łukasz Plant

Hello, we are happy to share with you the news that today we sowed the seeds on our 10 ha plantation
The preparation time took a long time, but we wanted our beloved plants and your future products to have everything they needed.

To ensure this, first we chose the hemp variety that will give the best harvest in our climate, and since we focused the cultivation on harvesting flowers and producing oil. CBD , the choice fell on the Futura 75 variant. Leaving nothing to chance, to ensure the purest genetics, we ordered our beans directly from the producer of this French variety. The location of our plantation was also not accidental, taking into account last year's droughts, we chose an agricultural plot directly adjacent to a clean river, and soil research has ensured that it is an area rich in minerals and free from pollution.

After all these preparations, it is time to take care of all permits, which we managed to successfully complete over the course of several months.

So we waited for the proper preparation in May, not too warm, not too cold, not too dry, but not too much rainy to to perfectly sow our beloved seeds
Now we have to wait and watch how they will grow to their full potential in the coming months.
Futura 75

Futura 75

2021-10-08 13:14 Published by Łukasz Plant

We chose a cannabis strain

Here is a variety of hemp we have chosen, which is perfect for our climate, giving beautiful crops and great products.
Meet the FUTURA 75 variant.

Futura 75 is a variety that has been consistently producing good yields in Europe for years and at the same time does not exceed the THC legality threshold, i.e. 0.2%.
Originally made in France, this variety is perfect after processing as a CBD oil and paste. Futura 75 has a vegetation cycle of around 140 days, which suits us very well, as it allows us to make the most of our warm months and harvest before the fall rains.
See the main properties of the variety we have chosen:

Height: 250-350cm
Oil content: 28-30%
Biomass: 10-12t / ha
CBD: 2-3%
THC :<0.12%
Our land for hemp plantations

Our land for hemp plantations

2021-10-08 13:15 Published by Tomasz Admin

Hello, we want to share with you today the news that we have lands. We chose and signed the document and here is our 10-hectare plantation in front of you.

Where is it and why exactly this one?
Well, we chose lands in the Greater Poland Voivodeship and basically on the border of 3 voivodeships in Siemianice near Kępno.
Our land is clean and beautiful area. The lack of a large industry and clean air was our first step in the elimination of our future plantation.

These are areas where there used to be hemp cultivation, which is valuable information for us, tradition confirms the property of choice.
The soil has been tested by us and is free from any contamination such as heavy metals, pesticide residues and herbicides.
In addition, the soil turned out to be not only clean, but also rich in minerals, which will definitely be appreciated by our hemp that will grow here for you.

The immediate vicinity of the river is also no coincidence. We carefully scrutinized the maps of last year's droughts and flood that  They could undo all our efforts.
This land is perfect for us, we know case , that  all  predict  myself no, but We can  to be  calm about that we took care all the basics for a successful plantation.


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